Warbesulisac June 2022

June 2022

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In this edition of the Warbesulisac, you’ll find all our news as we review last season and rapidly plan a bigger and better 22-23!

We have now reached the end of the financial year! If you are in a position to donate much needed funds to the club – you can make a tax-deductible donation through our Surf Life Saving portal here.

Now with the time and distance from the past season, we have a chance to reflect on what went well and what we can strengthen in the upcoming 22/23 season. We are always keen for feedback from our membership and broader community and ask you to provide your thoughts in our brief member survey on the Warabar.

All that is done at WBSLSC is on a voluntary basis and we continue to search for additional hands to share the load. In particular, if you can help with the Nippers program, grant writing, managing fundraising events or simply have some ideas on what we can do differently in the upcoming season, we want to hear from you. Check out the call for volunteers and input.

We look forward to continuing to bring you and your families a safe, inclusive and enjoyable experience in all aspects of engagement with our Club.

After the busy season has come to a close, it’s time to reflect on how this season finished.

This year, we had 15 members achieve over 100 Volunteer Patrol/Water Safety hours, and one of our members (Sunday Doddrell), being in the top 10% of the state! We ended the season with 5252 total hours patrolled, which is the second-highest amount of hours patrolled in a season in the last 10 years. We also had some huge patrol days, with the biggest being 34 people on patrol on the 26th of January.

This season, we gained 40 new Active, Bronze and SRC memberships, bringing our total count up to 204 members. This is reflected in an overall growth in membership for this year, which grew 5%.

I look forward to the season ahead, continuing to be bigger and better.

Upcoming dates for our 2022/23 season have been set!

Check out all of the upcoming events on Page 2 – registrations for some of the LSV courses and camps are closing soon so secure your place as soon as possible!



We have formed a Warabar committee and are looking at ways we can improve in the 22/23 season. We would love your feedback on what worked well and what we could do differently in the upcoming season.

Please help us by completing the two-minute survey here.


We ran a community survey in our last edition of the newsletter and had a fabulous response. The feedback on the thoughts and needs of our community will assist us in our plans for 22/23 as well as discussions and advocy with the South Gippsland Shire.

Winners of our $20 Warabar vouchers for 22/23 season are: Liz McQueen, Patricia Norden, Brandon Mahoney, Gareth Dimeck & Jenny Watt.

Congratulations! Details have been sent to your inbox.


SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2022 AT 7 PM – 10 PM

Join us to celebrate another successful season and recognise the contributions of our members and supporters. Tickets will be available in the coming days. Please register via our event calendar – we’d love to see you there!

The Views, 200 The Boulevard, Port Melbourne

Dress: Semi Formal

SEASON 22/23


Check Out Our Event Calendar For Camps & Training Dates

Support Our Youth

Sandy Point Fundraiser

On Sunday 17th April, WBSLSC hosted the Support our Youth – Sandy Point fundraiser. The event was a partnership with Tommo from Sandy Point General Store that aimed to raise funds to support and empower young people in Sandy Point to help them and our community to build a positive future.

The evening saw a large number of people join us in the social room at the Surf Club for a great view, drink, BBQ and auction. The event was a huge success and raised $3,100 from the auction of Boards donated by Tommo, auction of other items, donations and food and beverage sales.

These funds have been gratefully received by members of our WBSLSC youth.

Enormous thanks to Tommo for his initiative in suggesting this event and his donations to the auction. We also would like to acknowledge our auctioneer for the night, Ross Neilson and all the WBSLSC members that volunteered their time to run the bar, BBQ, and promote the event.

Thank you also to everyone that attended and supported this important event in Sandy Point.

Thank you Natalie!

The Club wish to recognise the incredible contribution of Natalie Ashdown. Nat has donated her time and skills over many years and done an incredible job managing the Nippers Program.

Natalie has now stepped down from this role and we are looking for someone or a group of people willing to share the responsibility of running this valuable program for our young people of Sandy Point.

If you can help, please get in touch with the club or complete this form

Support Our Club

Expressions Of Interest

It takes a small army of dedicated volunteers to keep our club running and we are calling on volunteers for the 2022/23 season.

The Organisation Chart below shows roles that we filled this past season in blue and roles which were absorbed by others and sometimes were not done at all in yellow.

There are a range of roles, and we are seeking expressions of interest from people interested in sharing their expertise and helping around the club.

Not everyone currently in positions will be standing again, so if any of these roles appeal to you please contact anyone on the Board. If any of these roles trigger an “I wonder what would be involved” moment please reach out to Richard at [email protected].

We need you! Volunteer at WBSLSC

From writing grants to cooking sausages for a fundraiser, helping out at the bar, learning surf rescue skills to take to the beach or volunteering in positions of leadership, we need you! All of the positions in yellow below are currently vacant.

Have an hour or two and are willing to donate your time, talent, skills and experience? Visit our Volunteer page or complete the following form: https://forms.office.com/r/uWanKxzRdr

Marine Search and Rescue at Sandy Point


First things first: We are sure the wider community appreciates the efforts of many past and present members of the MSAR unit for their work to keep the public safe. Many regular members of the Club have also done their bit to support and fundraise for the MSAR unit over many years.

Building for Growth: The resources to properly run the unit have been gradually pulled together. Since 2018 MSAR have received specific government funding to meet the group’s needs for training and operations. In 2020, the Rob O’Brien base was opened and in 2021 a grant was obtained for a dedicated motor vehicle.

Now is the time: There have been moves for over a decade for the unit to have more independence. At the same time, the expectations of the public have continued to increase and there have been some well publicised incidents around the coast which have ended up in the Coroner’s Court. Over the last two years, Life Saving Victoria have employed two people with massive experience in the Victorian Water Police to boost their resources in the area.

The Problem: The board of the surf lifesaving club have prioritised the viability of the unit over the next 10 to 20 years and ensuring that every member comes back safely. The board has been in the difficult position of being legally responsible but not having the full set of skills to provide the necessary  oversight in this increasingly demanding environment. The MSAR group have been looking to streamline communications.

First Steps: Changes were put in place in 2020 for the unit to work directly with Life Saving Victoria who would manage the relationship with Emergency Management Victoria (who in turn represent the Federal Government) with the MSAR unit copied into all those communications. From time to time there have been robust debates over direction but in the main, people have apologised and urged everyone to be on board with the increasingly higher standards and requirements for compliance.

The exciting news: The Club has secured an arrangement with Life Saving Victoria for the unit to operate as an independent unit in the same way as the Westpac Helicopter – with training and operations by volunteers but with the administration, sourcing of finance and the equipment maintenance all managed by Life Saving Victoria and with the input and direction of professionals to training and compliance. The MSAR members can do what they do best out on the water. Long term budgeting flowing into full funding is an extraordinary opportunity. Another benefit of this arrangement is the ‘grandfathering’ of awards for current members which allow the MSAR members to continue their work.

Recruiting members over the long term was a critical objective for the Club and having the unit still part of lifesaving gives a ready-made pathway for active members and parents to become involved in MSAR as well as active members of other clubs, just like the Westpac helicopter service.

Life Saving Victoria are keen to work with members to finalise the details and talk through the mechanics of the best ways to start working together to deliver a great service.

Waratah Beach SLSC