Member Protection

Surf Life Saving Australia Limited (SLSA), including subsidiary companies and affiliated clubs, branches and states, is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all its members and is dedicated to providing a safe environment for those participating in surf life saving activities.​​​​​​​

Surf lifesavers are nurtured in an environment that values safety, trust, respect, caring and responsibility. This environment encourages acceptance, confidence and risk taking. For surf lifesavers to venture into challenging waters in times of distress, they need to have faith and trust in themselves and in the people around them.

The motivation for surf lifesavers to give freely of their time is to be found in surflife saving environments that value;

1. Safety and Support

2. Caring and Camaraderie

3. Trust and Teamwork

4. Respect and Responsibility

As part of the surf lifesaving community, each individual makes a commitment to actively encourage behaviours that promote a supportive and nurturing environment and contribute to our core purpose:

"To save lives, create great Australians and build better communities". 

The Member Protection Policy aims to assist SLSA to uphold its core values and create a safe, fair and inclusive environment for everyone associated with our organisation.

It sets out our commitment to ensure that every person involved in our organisation is treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. It also ensures that everyone involved in our organisation is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities, aswell as the standards of behaviour expected of them.

Click the button below to download the SLSA Member Protection Policy 

WBSLC has a Member Protection and Complaints Officer whose role is to be the point of contact for anyone (adult or child) with a concern, grievance or complaint about something that has happened at the Club.

This person is also able to investigate (on a confidential basis) and manage any complaint and facilitate an acceptable resolution. The Member Protection and Complaints Officer can also provide support to club members around safeguarding children.

Safe Guarding Children

The Victorian Government has announced the introduction of compulsory Child Safe Standards for organisations that work with children in Victoria.

A summary is provided in the handout attached from LSV Safeguarding Children–New Victorian Child Safe Standards.

The new Standards are planned to apply to organisations in a two-phased approach and Waratah Beach SLSC falls under the second phase that applies to other organisations that provide services for children. The Legislation applies to people under the age of 18 years including Nippers, SRC, Bronze, Patrol and Development Camps.

We are currently working to fully comply with the Child Safe Standards from 1 January 2017.

Click below to download the LSV Information sheet

All children have the right to be safe from abuse and protected from any form of exploitation.

WBSLSC strives to provide a guaranteed safe environment for children which is free from all forms of abuse including bullying, discrimination, victimisation, harassment, physical and sexual abuse.

We actively promote the participation and empowerment of children as part of ensuring that their wellbeing and best interests are paramount.

Our club is committed to achieving a fair, safe and impartial culture for all members including children. For more information, see our Child Protection Commitment Statement at this link: [LSV Statement of Commitment to Child Safety to be adopted]

All members are expected to adhere to the Club's Code of Conduct which establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children.

The Code of Conduct can be found at this link